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 Profession Sponsorship 

The future is safe: because of you

Schooling is one thing to leave poverty behind - higher education is another to have a real chance in life.  


Education is the 1st step. The opportunity to learn a profession is the 2n one.


A good education is even in one of the poorest countries costly, especially on the way to a good future. While attending schools abroad there are no school fees for colleges, however in Nepal the better the school the higher the costs. After the 10th grade, the jump upwards is high. Because of this, the higher education costs are difficult to cover through personal sponsorships.


Help a young person to learn a good profession. A job that creates future.  


Be someone who makes a nurse, a craftsman, or a computer specialist.

No risk with your sponsorship 

You can cancel at any time no question asked.  

You can support monthly or in a one-off amount.

90 € per month or pay for the entire training depending on the profession.

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