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How can I donate?



Often times, quick and unbureaucratic help is needed: for street work on the streets of Kathmandu, new admissions of children, emergencies or natural disasters. 

In cases like these we need to act directly and flexibly.  With your one-time donation you help us  help quickly and affectively, where help is needed the most.



Especially in a country like Nepal, where most children have a very difficult start in life, help and support is urgently needed. Because all children deserve a future - but the children in Nepal need a present first.

With this donation you give a little soul the chance for a better future .



We have various projects for which we are always looking for supporters. For these projects, a certain budget is needed. Solar, running water projects, women’s project, animal project, trauma therapy or projects for girls out of child marriages can only be realized with your help.



What many poor in Nepal need is a simple leg-up – an angel investor who believes in them.  Become a business sponsor for a new entrepreneur.  An investment that often doesn’t cost much more than a visit to a first-world restaurant can make the world of difference here. 

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A disaster often takes from people what little they had.  For example 2015 after the devastating earthquakes, people were especially dependent on a helping hand.​

Many stood in front of the ruins of what was once their home and had to live under plastic tarps.


You’re not quite sure what to give on your friends’s next birthday?  What’s more special than giving the gift of happiness? A gift that will leave a lasting impression?  With this option, you will be giving a donation in the name of a child in need, earmarked for a very special occasion!

Your money is worth a lot

Many helping hands change the world and make a big difference!

Gift catalogue

Would you like to do something, but not commit yourself?
Even little can make a Big difference and change somebody's life in a positive way.

Every single contribution counts.

5 €:

can feed a child for almost a week

10 €:

can buy school supplies for a school - aged child

20 €:

can help a family buy a goat and help them gain a little bit more independence

30 €:

can equip a small family with blankets to get through a cold winter

80 €:

can get a child a bicycle – this can make going to school possible

100 €:


can help to buy a sewing machine for a woman standing on her own feet

200 €:

can help a sick person to pay for an important operation and makes life worth living again


300 €: 

can buy an ox for the fieldwork and give food to a whole family

It may just be a drop in the ocean,

Our team believes the ocean is a multitude of drops.

Especially with small organizations, the question arises: does it make much of a difference?

You might think that it’s hardly worth even trying.


But for the individual, for each suffering child, for those who are desperate and hungry, it´s not just a drop in the bucket.

It makes a huge difference!

Your support means much more than this child has ever dared to dream.

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