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 Success stories

Ashik, Ashok & Abinash

It all started with these three boys. Once living on the street, desperate and traumatized, the begging eyes completely changed the life of the founder Gabriella Laszinger.

Today they have grown into wonderful young men who stand on their own two feet. 

Tirtha and his family

These are 4 of the 7 children of a family who lived in greatest need. They had nothing but the clothes on their bodies. Since early childhood they had to work for their plate of rice.

A good future was beyond reach.

Today they are trained in hotel management and electrics.


Once a thin, shy girl from a poor mountain village, she lived in extreme poverty.


Today she is a gifted artist who studied art in India and has specialized in clay works.

Her creativity is inspiring!


When her father died all of a sudden, Elina was just a teenager. As a widow, her mother had no chance for happiness any more. Not because of her great grief, but because the shame as a widow. At some point she gave up the fight.

Elina's greatest wish was to become a nurse and save lives. 

As a dialysis nurse she now takes care of her kidney patients with all her heart. 


Once a daughter of parents in bondage slavery, Champa had little chance of survival because of her illness. Champa's severe scoliosis squeezed her lungs. Her only chance was a 10 hour operation  in Switzerland. It gave her a new life. 

Today Champa is a principal at her own Montessori school and psychologist.

She lives the Happy Children principle according to the ripple effect: pay your help forward and change the life of others.


Avilasha's mother died giving birth to her 6th child.  The children went to Kathmandu from their mountain village in the hope of a better life - Avilasha had to work and carry loads as a child, for at least earn some money for watery rice.

When Happy Children found the brothers and sisters in a small shack in the slums, they were neglected and apathetic. Avilasha never lost her ambition, though. 

She completed her medical studies and lives her mission to help poor women so that they can give birth to their child safely and with good medical care.

From 0 to future

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