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In Nepal a Nepalese proverb runs: “To educate a daughter is like fertilizing your neighbor’s field.” If you happen to be born as a girl in Nepal, the pattern is set early in childhood, and often doesn´t change for the rest of your life.

Girls trapped in this cycle get married off early on, when they are still just children themselves, and then they have to take care of their own children. Mostly in abusive relationships with little or no hope for a better future, they don't have a chance for a happy and dignified life.



What is needed is a shift in consciousness: a broadening and deepening of compassion and awareness. 

Seeing animals as living beings with feelings. Creatures that experience pain and love – this is an important step to creating a world filled with dignity, respect and compassion. 


Concentrating your help in this direction has a double benefit.
What better way for a child to learn to love than with a good-natured animal?



Too many young people have never been able to go to school and to a vocational training. Therefore, they can never escape the cycle of poverty for good.


Happy Children has set up a training workshop for different crafts.


Many young people have never been able to attend school and therefore never get a chance to learn a trade.

A big milestone in the life of young people!

The little ones are in the focus

It's not only important for Happy Children to fill hungry bellies and teach them the alphabet, but to also educate them to become somebody with heart and soul. Emotional intelligence is the future of tomorrow.


Those who want to achieve great things practice early. 


With your help, children at the bottom of society,

without dignity, caste or identity: get a future.


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