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Humanity for animals

There is a direct connection between the compassion shown to animals and the compassion we humans have for each other. Seeing animals as living beings with feelings – as creatures that experience pain and love: this is an important step to creating a world filled with respect and compassion. 

When we have the awareness to love animals in practice, not just in theory,

we are moving in the right direction here.

With a Happy Children sponsorship you can save an animal:

You can cancel any time  - no question asked
Your help is tax deductible.

Anker 1

You help an animal and a child at the same time. 

Be a part of the the Animal Therapy Project for traumatised children


An ancient wisdom says that the state of consciousness of a nation can be recognized by how it treats its animals.

Awareness programs are important.

Our program tries to foster compassion.


Animals like cows, dogs or crows are  worshipped with floral  wreaths during the big Dashein festival.

During the rest of the year, awareness for love and care for an animal needs more attention.


Seeing animals as living beings with feelings that can also feel pain and love is an important step to live in a world full of respect and compassion. 

Concentrating some of your help in this direction has a double benefit.​

What better way for a child to learn to love than with a good-natured animal?

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