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Who we are

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We are committed to help where help is needed.


We are committed to help.

We value people regardless of their culture, religion and cast.


Our vision is to create sustainable changes.
If children can grow up in a loving environment and experience respect as well as dignity, they have all the basics they need

for a strong personality.

We are committed to help as many children as possible who are outcasts, forgotten by society and left behind.




Helping thousands of children at the very edge of society:


...children with no exit strategy condemned to a life on the streets, in child labor and bondage slavery.


...human dignity to children who are "untouchable" and impure by birth. give girls in child marriages a perspective for a future.


...protect children from trafficking and sexual abuse. give young people a fulfilled life through a profession they can learn.





Happy Children takes care of around 200 children in 2 children's houses and twice as many children with school sponsorships, among them girls in early marriages and child workers.

For every single child, who is desperate and hungry, the help means more than a drop in the ocean.

It means new life for them!


Our work was awarded with the BUNDESVERDIENSTKREUZ (Federal cross of Merit) in 2010.

by the German President.


Help us to give out

2 Million meals by 2022

How it all began

Everybody, no matter what you do: we all have a deep need inside us to know we can help somebody. And at the same time compassion is easier than doing. Working for lasting change is however possibly even though, it is the most challenging work in the world.

The seeds of the ending of my story were sown 1999 here in Nepal.
It all began on this other side of the world, with childhood dreams of miracles and wonders.  In the end 90-ies my career, which I called "normal", ended and another part of destiny started. 


I embarked on a pursuit of happiness with the deep search of my true self together with a friend. 

The mysticism, the holy men, monks and breathtaking spiritual rituals, and awesome Buddha feeling – all was in front of my eyes. I was constantly looking for something.  What was I actually looking for?

Worldwide attention

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